Kavi Siromani Lekhanath Poudyal

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Kavi Siromani Lekhanath Poudyal (कवी शिरोमणी लेखनाथ पौड्याल ) 

Kavi Siromani Lekhanath Poudyal (कवी शिरोमणी लेखनाथ पौड्याल ) was born in Bikram Sambat 1941at Bharatpur Chitwan Nepal .His father name was Pandit Durgadutta and Wasundhara Devi was his mother.He started learning at an early age of 5 .Lekhnath Paudyal got married at the age of 14  but unfortunately  lost his wife at the age of 20.He was inspired by the writings of Motiram Bhatta and Balmiki.His writings were published in Nepali magazines like Sharda,Madhavi and Sundari etc.Lekhnath Poudyal will always  be remembered for his immense contribution towards Nepali Language and Literature.His poems describes the touch of Nepal and its nature with simplicity."Pinjra Ko Suga"(पिंजडाको सुगा) was his unforgettable poem which expressed the cruelness of Rana rulers against the Nepali people .

        The poem symbolize that the Nepali peoples are like a parrot inside a cage and the Rana's as the jailers.He was jailed for the poem and the poem was used as the song by political heroes in the jail.Lekhnath Poudyal was honored with title "Siro Mani" for his literary works by the

 Government.He was the member of  'Rajkiya Pragya Prathisthan' and was honored with 'Tribhuwan Puraskar' a special award given for literally works.Most of his poems express patriotic and revolutionary feelings for the sake of Nepali culture and society.
   His works:

1.Ritu Bichaar  (रितु बिचार्)
2.Buddhi Binod  (बुद्धु विनोद्)
3.Satyakaal Sambad  (सत्यकाल समवाद्)
4.Satya Smriti  (सत्य स्मृति)
5.Mero Ram  (मेरो राम्-Translation)
6.Abhigyan Sakuntala  (अभिज्ञान सकुन्तला)
7.Panchatantra  (पंचतन्त्र)
8.Vartihari Nirved  (वर्तिहारी निर्वेद्-नवकाब्य)
9.Tarun Tapasi  (तरुन तपसी-काब्य अपुर्न)
10.Ganga Gauri  (गंगा गौरी-कविता स्ंग्रह्) 

Siromani Lekhnath Poudyal  left the world on bikram sambat 2022 after giving a new shape to Nepali Language and Literature.

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  1. Birth place of Lekhanath Paudel was not Chitwan, it was Arghaun Archale of Kaski district.

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