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Madal -  Nepalese folk musical instrument

Madal -  Nepalese folk musical instrument


Madal is one of the old traditional musical instrument of Nepali folk music, its said that Madal has been derived from 'Mridanga' (an important instrument of Indian classical music).There are different types of beats of this instrument used for controlling the flow of the song.

Name of few beats are as follows:

  • झ्याउरे [Jhewray],
  • ख्याली [khyali],
  • समला [samala],
  • सोरठी [Sorathi] ,
  • चरित्र [Charitra], 
  • चड्के [Charkey] etc.

In olden days the farmers used to play Madal for refreshment after the whole days work.It was also played during festivals like Tihar while playing Deusi [Deusi: A typical type of play like Christmas Carol played during Tihar(Dipawali) spreading the message of God and Goddess and celebrating the festival and creating the feeling of oneness].
Not only in olden days but Madal also plays a vital role in today's musical world as its used in recording studios for recording purposes.

A famous Bollywood music director played madal in one his composition 'Hoga tumse pyara kaun'{होगा तुमसे प्यारा कौन} which still captures the heart of the people.

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