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पनचे बाजा [Panchey Baja]
Panchey Baja, a special instrument mostly played during marriages and few traditional Nepali functions like fest and others,This instrument are rarely visible nowadays,Its the collection  of few instrument like Sahanai [सहनाई], Jhyali [झ्यालि], Damaha [दमाह] and Dolki [डोल्की ].

Damphu [डम्फु] :
Damphu is the an instrument played by the hill tribal people Tamang,in olden days it was made by bamboo stripe round in shape and animals skin was stretched covering the ring and pinned by small pins made of bamboo.Its has only one type of beat locally named Selo [2/4].

मर्चुङग [Marchunga] :
This is a unique instrument rarely found these days,Its made from small piece of bamboo and copper as well.Its placed in mouth and thread tied on its one end is pulled in certain  way which generates a typical type  of vibration a melodious vibration.

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