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A panoramic view of Darjeeling from Kainjalia


Darjeeling is a Himalayan town located in the state of West Bengal. Surrounded by the beautiful mountains
 and green pine trees one cannot deny that there is another heaven, Darjeeling recently is known as GTA
[Gorkhaland Territorial Authority ],but the world knows it by the name of Darjeeling..the queen of the hills.
It passed by lots of circumstances but it still maintains its integrity, Darjeeling is internationally 
famous for its mesmerising beauties’ perhaps the tea gardens reinforce its beauties  and Himalayan
 Toy Train as well.
It’s a world heritage UNESCO site,It’s the head quarter of the Darjeeling District comprising of three 
sub-divisions viz;Darjeeling,Kurseong,Kalimpong.The town is located in the Mahabharat Range or
 Lessar Himalayas an an average elevation of 6,710ft(2.050 m)

 Himalayan Railway,Steam Engine Toy Train

Darjeeling is in the distance of  88 km from New Jalpaiguri or 77 
km from Siliguri,There are several ways to reach Darjeeling,one can 
take local vehicles or buses but  one should not miss out the  
pleasure of the  travelling with the steam engine Himalayan Railway ie;
Toy Train . The Toy Train is a 60 Cm (24 in) narrow gauge railway
which has been declared as World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999
 for being an example of an innovative transportation system on the 
social and economic development of a multi-cultural region of the area and it was to considered a
model for developments of same transportation system around the world,The Darjeeling Himalayan Railway
DHR}is the second one the have the honour.The Toy Train chugs uphill via Tindhar, Kurseong, 
Sonada, Ghum finally to Darjeeling.

Other Transportation for Darjeeling:    


Fig:Roadways to Darjeeling

There are other transportation for Darjeeling such as Buses and local 
passenger vehicles or can be reserved at affordable rates,the vehicles
 connects Kurseong.Kalimpong,Mirik and many other beautiful places.
The Darjeeling ropeway which is located at Singmari was closed in 2003
 after an accident killing four tourists,it was started in the year 1969,
again in the  year 2011 its declared to reopen which will run
 covering more beautiful areas of the Darjeeling Hills.

Tea Industry:

Happy Valley Tea Factory

Darjeeling is the land of world famous Darjeeling Tea which has
 been prized above all other black tea,especially in the United Kingdom
and other British Empire.There are many tea estates (also called "tea 
gardens") in Darjeeling, each producing teas with different character
 in taste . Some of the popular estates include Arya,Happy Valley, 
Chamong, Glenburn, Lingia, Castleton, Jungpana, Makaibari, 
Margaret's Hope,  Rishihaat-Bloomfield and others like Abmotia,
Balasan Arya tea estates. 


Places of interests around Darjeeling:  

 Japanese Pagoda

Darjeeling has several holy places and temples among them Japanese 
Temple is one of the beautiful Buddhist templew among them,Its also 
known as Nipponzan Myohoji Buddhist Temple in Darjeeling,the
temple is located near the peace pagoda.Japanese Temple of Darjeeling
was built in the year1972,the temple stand on the philosophy of 
peace and spirituality.The best part of the Temple is the time when 
prayers are chanted.The humming prayers gives the touch of
 heavenly feel.Its nearly about 2 km from the proper market.

Tiger Hill (टाइगर हिल)

Tiger Hill (टाइगर हिल)is the place where we can see for sunrise, lots
 of visitors are just crazy to see the mesmerizing view of the Kanchenjunga which
 looks like shining gold when the morning rays sunrise first touches its peaks.
 After perceiving the glistening view of Kanchenjunga one can’t deny that 
place is another heaven on the Earth. One should keep few things in mind
 before moving for the  trip to Tiger Hill; first thing you must keep warm
 jackets, muffler and other warm cloths as  per ones needs because it’s 
very cold during winter season, and should get up early in the morning 
around 4 am if you really want to see the sunrise.
The Hill is about 12 km from Jorebunglow, a place nearby Ghum railway station, from where you can get 
local taxi at affordable rates. Ghum is the highest railway station for the small beautiful steam engine Toy 
Train of DHR (Darjeeling Himalayan Railway) which chugs uphill taking visitors close to the nature. This 
station is at an elevation of 7,410 from the sea level.for Darjeeling town and few surrounding areas of
 Darjeeling) where thousands of devotes visits ever year.Tiger Hill is also famous for Sinchel Dham (a Hindu
  temple, also a water reservoir for the supply of water 

Tiger Hill:Photographs Submitted by Puran Gurung[Puranforu@gmail.com]

 Dali Monastery

The Drukpa Kargyad Monastry locally named as Dali Monastry is 
located at the distance of 5 km from Darjeeling proper town .his is 
one of the beautiful place in Darjeeling .Its one of the best Buddhist 
Monastries in the world.It was built in the year 1971.The Monastry 
has several monks and Rimporche whose holy chants spreads the 
holy air of spirituality around the region.

Batasia Loop

The Batasia loop located at a distance of 5 km from proper
 Darjeeling town, here the Toy Train makes 360 degree turn, 
and the mesmerizing view of Kanchenjunga is visible from the loop.
 There is a war memorial in the memory of the brave Gorkha
s who dedicated their life for the sake of the Nation since indep-
-endence. Batasia loop has small market where visitors can buy 
different decorative items and other articles like mufflers, gloves etc. 
The panoramic  view of the Darjeeling town can be seen from here 
and few binoculars are kept here for the visitors to view distant
 places around Darjeeling

  Gorkha Rangamancha Bhawan:

Gorkha Rangamancha Bhawan located nearby chowrasta [around 1 km 
from the proper market].This place is also known as Bhanu Bhawan.
Its a point of attraction of the hill as the architectural design is
 magnificent.The hall is for providing space for orchestra and other

Chaw Rasta /Mall Road Darjeeling

'ChawRasta';means place connected to four roots.its the place where not 
only the visitors but also the local people come to take rest from their
 day today works.The place is so beautiful in the lap of Nature.Its  around
 1.5 km from the market.Here you can find  different shops which 
provides you with lots of antique decorative items and other things
 like muffler and warm clothing ,you can also have horse riding and 
have walk around the path to have the close look of Kanchenjunga
 and  views of distant places of the hills.

Botanical Garden Darjeeling

Liyod's Botanical Garden locally  known as Fulbari was established in
 the year 1878.Its about 0.5 Km below from Darjeeling Market [or 2.
5km from Darjeeling Toy Train Station].The purpose of the garden is 
to preserve forest species  like bamboo, rhododendron ,Orchids
,Cactus few medicinal plants and other forest plants.The place is
 beautifully decorated with  flowers around the area of 40 acres.
Visitors are authorized  to have look around the place without any
 restriction except few conditions ,that they should not perform 
any type of unusual activities such as picking and touching flowers 
of the garden and smoking . 

Nightingale Park [Shrubbery Park]

Nightingale Park locally known as Shrubbery Park 
is at a walk-able distance from Chowrasta or around 2 km from
 Darjeeling Market.Its beautifully decorated with flowers and 
colorful lights surrounded by old pine trees.The park has a big statue 
of Hindu Lord Shiva and a Hindu Temple as well, best time to visit 
the park is from 4 pm to 8 pm as variety of traditional dance are 
performed daily during the tourist seasons.Visitors are charged with 
affordable entrance fees and little consideration are made for the 
students if the possesses any type of identity cards.When cool air
 passes through your body with beautiful birds chirping around,completely close to nature gives makes
 us fell like we are in heaven.

Rock Garden / Gangamaiya Park

Rock Garden [locally named as Barbotey Rock Garden]  is at the
 distance of 10 km down from the Darjeeling town attracting 
thousands of visitors every year .It was constructed by the Gorkha 
Hill Tourism Department.The place is well decorated with flowers 
around and has beautiful waterfall suitable for picnics.Local taxi are 
available at affordable rates from Darjeeling taxi Stand for 
Rock Garden  .Visitors are free to take photographs.The park also 
as boating facilities and places having cultural and traditional importance.
Cultural dance[Nepali folks dance other dance performed around hill 
areas] are performed during the tourists seasons .

Bengal Natural History Museum ( Darjeeling)

The Bengal Natural History Museum is at a distance of around 1 km
 from the railway station.[Exact location:Below chowrasta on the
 back side of Gorkha Rangamancha Bhawan or Bhanu Bhawan].It
 remains open from 9 a.m to 5 p.m on all days except on national 
holidays.The Museum was built in the year 1903,the idea for 
starting the Museum was to provide the visitors to have an opportunity 
to obtain information about the birds and butterflies of the hill areas.At
that time there was no intention that the collection should be such
 which would provide the students to study the fauna of the hills.
due to such unsatisfactory reasons new building was formed in 1915.
The Bengal Natural History Museum was thus formed in 1923 for the management of the museum.
To read more about Bengal Natural History Museum :Click here

Flowers found around Darjeeling                                                           


This an image a typical type of beautiful flower named Godavari which are specially grown in
 Darjeeling and its surrounding areas,The climate condition of the area is favorable for growing 
this type of flowers.

Lalu patey ' [लालु पाते ]

A typical type of flower locally named 'lalu patey' [लालु पाते ] which
 are only found around Darjeeling,'lalu' means red color and 'pate 
means' leaf,[its like leaf but red in color].These flowers are used
 during Nepali festivals like Dushara,Dipawali and others.

[Photograph submitted by Puran Gurung]

Different Type Of Pines Trees Found around  Darjeeling

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