Sikkim Cloudburst Triggers Flash Floods 43, Including 20 Soldiers Missing

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Devastation Strikes Sikkim: Cloudburst Triggers Flash Floods, 43, Including 20 Soldiers, Missing - Latest Updates

Sikkim Cloudburst Triggers Flash Floods 43, Including 20 Soldiers Missing
Sikkim Cloudburst Triggers Flash Floods 43, Including 20 Soldiers Missing

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Sikkim Cloudburst - Latest Updates and Details 

In a tragic turn of events, Sikkim finds itself grappling with the aftermath of a cloudburst that triggered flash floods, leaving 43 individuals, including 20 soldiers, missing. 

The picturesque state, known for its serene landscapes, is now battling the destructive forces of nature, prompting a collective effort from the local administration and the Army to locate those missing.

Sikkim Cloudburst Help Line No. for Darjeeling & Kalimpong 

  • Darjeeling District Control - Room:0354-2255749
  • Kalimpong District Control Room:0355-255100
  • Block Disaster Management Officer - Arpan:7001212454

The Unfolding Crisis- Sikkim Cloudburst :

Sikkim, nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, has been hit by heavy rain, culminating in a cloudburst over Lhonak Lake in north Sikkim. The overflow from the lake has led to a surge in the water levels of the Teesta River, causing flash floods that have left roads washed away and communities inundated. The gravity of the situation is compounded by the disappearance of 23 Army personnel and 20 civilians.

Emergency Response-Sikkim Cloudburst :

In response to the crisis, the Sikkim administration has declared a high alert, recognizing the urgent need for action. Videos shared by local residents paint a grim picture of the devastation, showing the power of nature as it reshapes the landscape. 

The Army and the local administration have launched a massive search operation to locate the missing individuals, emphasizing the collaborative efforts required in such challenging times.

The Impact of Sikkim Cloudburst:

A cloudburst, an intense and sudden rainfall event, can have severe consequences in mountainous regions. In the case of Sikkim, the overflow from Lhonak Lake has not only affected the immediate vicinity but has also sent ripples downstream, impacting the Teesta River as it courses through Sikkim and West Bengal before entering Bangladesh. This highlights the interconnectedness of ecosystems and the far-reaching impact of natural disasters.

Challenges Ahead:

As rescue operations intensify, the challenging terrain of the region poses additional obstacles. The search for missing individuals requires navigating through rugged landscapes, making the task both physically demanding and time-sensitive. The cooperation and resilience of the local communities, as well as the expertise of the Army personnel involved, will play a pivotal role in addressing these challenges.

Climate Change and Vulnerability:

The cloudburst in Sikkim underscores the vulnerability of regions to the impacts of climate change. As extreme weather events become more frequent and intense, it is crucial for communities and authorities to enhance preparedness and resilience. The Sikkim flash floods serve as a stark reminder that climate-related incidents can have immediate and devastating consequences.

The cumulative report of Sikkim Cloudburst as of 06:00 p.m. on October 4, 2023

  • The cloudburst-induced water surge that has wreaked havoc across four districts of Sikkim. 
  • In Mangan District, 16 people are reported missing, while 70 families sought refuge in relief camps at Chandey, Chungthang, and Naga. 
  • The scale of impact is staggering, with around 10,000 people reported to be affected by the force of the cloudburst-induced water surge. 
  • Gangtok District, two casualties were reported from Singtam, and 15 individuals are missing. Approximately 200 families have been affected, leading to the evacuation of 1,025 people. 
  • A poignant touch to the relief efforts is the establishment of a camp at Sneha Kinetic Guests House for senior citizens from Singtam. 
  • Relief camp at Serwani Army Camp aims to provide solace to those in need.
  • Namchi District, various relief camps have been strategically set up, supervised by SDM Namchi, including those at NHPC Primary School, Balwatar, Linkutaar, Rekep Government Primary School, Lower Chalamthang, and Government Junior High School Mangaley. 
  • Pakyong District, the toll on housing is evident, with 150 pucca houses and 127 Kutcha houses reported damaged. 
  • The evacuation of 56 people underscores the urgency of response and the need for coordinated efforts to address the extensive impact of this calamity.

LIVE UPDATES - Sikkim Cloudburst 

  • Phidang OP, both old and newRCC BRIDGE has been swept away by the water .
  • Indreni Bridge has been completely washed away by Teesta River Today Morning 2:30 am.
  • So far 10 deaths, 82 missing, 26 injured, 3000 tourists stranded, 14 bridges collapsed in Sikkim Flashflood.
  • Pakyong district 130 people have been rescued from IBM area 
  • Army officiaL confirmed missing of 23 army personnel based at Bardang near Singtam.
  • Lum village of Dzongu in North Sikkim has been cut off. 
  • Three unidentified bodies have been recovered today from Teesta Barrage area in Jalpaiguri district, West Bengal.
  • One male, approximately 25-30 years, was found at Singer Busty while another female body, aged approximately 40 years, was recovered at Nirmala Busty, both found 5 kms downstream from Teesta Barrage. 
  • The other male body aged approximately 35 years was also recovered from Teesta Barrage area.
  • All Educational institutions in Pakyong, Mangan, Namchi, Gangtok District to remain closed till October 8
  • Around 250 people in the relief camp at Mamring were screened and found to be safe with no injuries and around 150 people in the relief camp at Melli were found to be safe with no injuries.
  • The State government has asked for Three (3) extra platoons of National Disaster Response Force, which the central government has approved. There is one platoon of NDRF already in service in Rangpo and Singtam towns. One such upcoming platoon of NDRF will be airlifted to Chungthang for rescue operations.
  • Over 3000 tourists are feared to be stranded in different parts of the State.
  • 12-14 workers working in Teesta Stage 3 dam in Chungthang are still stranded in the tunnels of the dam.


Sikkim Cloudburst Updates Mangan District:

  • Chungthang NHPC dam and the bridge were washed away. Two bridges at Minshithang, one bridge at Zema and Ritchu Bridge were washed away.
  • The drinking water supply lines are reported to be totally damaged. 

Sikkim Cloudburst Updates Gangtok District: 

  • Three dead bodies were recovered at Golitar by the NDRF / SDRF. Four relief camps have been set up at Singtam Senior Secondary School, Bihari Bhawan,Nepali Bhawan, and Sikkim Supreme.
  • The SDRF has rescued around 25 people from the flood prone areas. It is reported that the control room of the NHPC dam has also been damaged. Further, it is informed that one person is missing from the NHPC Teesta site area and one person has been admitted to STNM/Gangtok with severe injuries.
  • The Drinking water supply lines and Sewerage Treatment Plant at Singtam have been totally damaged.

Sikkim Cloudburst Updates Pakyong District: 

  • Four deaths were reported at Golitar, Singtam, and seven people were reported missing at Baghey Khola. Three people are missing at Majitar.
  • 17 people have sustained minor injuries and are undergoing treatment at Singtam district hospital.
  • The Drinking water supply lines and Sewerage Treatment Plant at Rangpo have been totally damaged.

Sikkim Cloudburst Updates Namchi District:

  • Two labourers are reported to have been swept away from Mamring. 
  • The Sewerage Treatment Plant at Melli has been severely damaged.

On October 4 NRSC/ISRO has conducted a satellite-based study on the Outburst of the South Lhonak Lake, Sikkim by obtaining temporal satellite images (before & after) over the Lake.

The images suggest that, there was temporal changes in the lake area as on September 17, 2023, September 28, 2023 and October, 4, 2023.

"It is observed that Lake is Burst and about 105 Hectares area has been drained out (28 September 2023 image versus 04 October 2023) which might have created a flash flood downstream."  - SIKKIM CHRONICLE


Former CM Pawan Chamling writes to PM Narendra Modi, appraising of the disaster caused by the GLOF in Lhonak Lake ; Expresses urgency of the GoI to intervene to provide relief, rescue missions, technical support and to ensure the availability of essential commodities in the context of the wiping away of NH10 in several places.- VIA SIKKIM CHRONICLE

Images of Sikkim Cloudburst 

Sikkim Cloudburst -  Vehicles Submerged under water
Sikkim Cloudburst -  Vehicles Submerged under water

Sikkim Cloudburst -  Vehicles Submerged under water
Sikkim Cloudburst -  Vehicles Submerged under water

Sikkim Cloudburst - NH 10 Washed Away
Sikkim Cloudburst - NH 10 Washed Away

Sikkim Cloudburst -  Malli Town in Danger
Sikkim Cloudburst -  Malli Town in Danger Due to High Rise of Water Level

Sikkim Cloudburst -  Malli Town as seen from to Road Side
Sikkim Cloudburst -  Malli Town as seen from to Road Side

In the wake of this natural calamity, Sikkim stands united in its efforts to confront the challenges posed by the cloudburst-triggered flash floods. The collaborative response from the local administration and the Army reflects the spirit of solidarity in times of crisis. 

As the search for the missing individuals continues, it is imperative for both Sikkim and other vulnerable regions to reassess their preparedness strategies in the face of climate-induced uncertainties. The road to recovery may be long, but with collective determination, Sikkim can rebuild and emerge stronger from this tragic episode.

Images collected from different online sources

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