Spandan Subbas New Nepali Song Janme Pachhi

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Unveiling the Melodic Magic: Spandan Angbo's New Nepali Song "Janme Pachhi"

Spandan Subbas New Nepali Song Janme Pachhi
Spandan Subbas New Nepali Song Janme Pachhi

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Nepali music enthusiasts, rejoice! The melodious journey continues as Spandan Angbo, also known as Spandan Subba, unveils his latest musical masterpiece – "Janme Pachhi." The Voice of Nepal Kids winner, accompanied by the talented lyricist Padam Sadhana Kulung and music maestro Dipsan Limbu (Dilen), has created a symphony that promises to captivate hearts and leave a lasting impression on the listeners.

Behind the Scenes of Janme Pachhi:

The creation of Spandan Subbas New Nepali Song Janme Pachhi involved a collaboration of remarkable talents, each contributing their expertise to craft a song that transcends boundaries. Let's take a closer look at the brilliant minds behind this musical endeavor:

Singer: Spandan Angbo (Subba) - Song Janme Pachhi

As the winner of The Voice of Nepal Kids, Spandan has proven himself as a powerhouse of talent. His soulful voice and emotive delivery breathe life into every note of "Janme Pachhi," promising an unforgettable auditory experience.

Lyrics: Padam Sadhana Kulung

The poetic prowess of Padam Sadhana Kulung adds a layer of depth to the song, infusing it with emotion and meaning. The lyrics resonate with the listener, creating a connection that goes beyond the music itself.

Music: Dipsan Limbu (Dilen)

Dipsan Limbu, known as Dilen in the music industry, takes the reins of the musical composition. His arrangements provide the perfect backdrop for Spandan's vocals, creating a harmonious blend of melody and rhythm.

Arrangement: Roshan Baluwa

Roshan Baluwa's arrangement skills play a pivotal role in shaping the overall sound of Spandan Subbas New Nepali Song Janme Pachhi The seamless integration of instruments and elements showcases his talent in orchestrating a cohesive musical experience.

Recordist: Suresh Rai

The technical brilliance of Suresh Rai, the recordist of the song, ensures that every nuance of the performance is captured with precision. The recording process is a crucial step in delivering a high-quality audio experience to the audience.

Mix/Mastering: Raju Karki

Raju Karki's expertise in mix and mastering puts the final polish on "Janme Pachhi," ensuring that the song sounds impeccable across all platforms. His touch adds a professional sheen to the production.

Studio: King

The recording took place at the prestigious King Studio, underscoring the commitment to quality in every aspect of the song's creation. A top-notch studio environment contributes to the overall excellence of the production.

Artists: Shristi Khadgi and Spandan Angbo (Subba)

The music video features the talented Shristi Khadgi alongside Spandan Angbo. Their on-screen chemistry enhances the visual appeal of "Janme Pachhi," adding a layer of storytelling to the auditory experience.

Visual Excellence: Arjun Katwal (Camera), Arjun Khadka (Edit/Color), Dami Creation (Video)

The visual aspects of "Janme Pachhi" are brought to life by the skilled hands of Arjun Katwal, Arjun Khadka, and Dami Creation. Their collective efforts in cinematography, editing, and color grading contribute to a visually stunning accompaniment to the music.

"Janme Pachhi" is not just a song; it's a collaborative masterpiece that brings together the best of Nepali musical talent. Spandan Angbo's mesmerizing vocals, coupled with the lyrical genius of Padam Sadhana Kulung and the musical finesse of Dilen and the team, make this song a must-listen for music lovers. The music video, enriched by the performances of Shristi Khadgi and Spandan Angbo, is a visual treat that complements the audio experience.

To immerse yourself in the enchanting world of "Janme Pachhi," check out the official music video on YouTube. Let the magic unfold, and allow the music to take you on a journey of emotions and melodies crafted by some of Nepal's finest musical talents.

Watch Video :Spandan Subbas New Nepali Song Janme Pachhi 

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