Major Durga Malla's Statue in Darjeeling

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Unveiling the Tribute: Installation of Major Durga Malla's Statue in Darjeeling

Major Durga Malla's Statue in Darjeeling
Major Durga Malla's Statue in Darjeeling

Revealing the visage of the statue of Major Durga Malla on August 25, 2023, to commemorate Sahid Diwas.

A remarkable tribute to the Gorkha hero, Major Durga Malla, has been realized with the installation of a statue in front of the Capital Hall/Clock Tower in Darjeeling. This statue stands as a powerful symbol of his courage and dedication to the nation. Beautifully crafted by Famous A sculptor of Bakhrakot Doars Sri Amir Sundas

The initiative was spearheaded by Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh, a national organization representing Indian Gorkhas. By placing the statue at such a central location, it not only honors Major Durga Malla's legacy but also ensures that his story continues to inspire and resonate with people from all walks of life.

Major Dūrgā Malla's Statue in Parliament House Complex

To remember and honor Major Durga Malla, a statue was given by Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh, a national group of Indian Gorkhas. It was shown at the Parliament House Complex in 2004, with Prime Minister Manmohan Singh leading the unveiling.

Other important people like Vice President Bhairon Singh Shekhawat and Lok Sabha Speaker Somnath Chatterjee were there too. On 25 August, the day Major Durga Malla was hanged, Gorkhas all over India observe Balidan Diwas, or Martyrs' Day, to pay tribute. There's another statue of Major Durga Malla in Garidhura village in Darjeeling district.

Major Dūrgā Malla stood as a pioneering Gorkha soldier within the Indian Gorkhas, a member of the Khas ethnic group in the Indian National Army (INA), who valiantly gave up his life in the pursuit of Indian independence.

Major Durga Malla Statue in Darjeeling
Major Durga Malla 

Biography of Major Durga Malla

Born on 1 July 1913 in Dehradun, British India, Major Dūrgā Malla grew to become a significant figure in the Indian independence movement. He dedicated his life to the cause of India's freedom and played a pivotal role in reorganizing and becoming a Major in the Indian National Army (INA), under the title of "Major of Azad Hind." His fervent activism and dedication marked him as a prominent Indian Freedom Fighter.

Tragically, his journey was cut short, and he faced an untimely demise at the age of 31 on 25 August 1944 in Delhi, British India. Major Dūrgā Malla met his end through execution by hanging, paying the ultimate sacrifice for his commitment to the struggle for independence.

Throughout his life, Major Dūrgā Malla demonstrated unwavering nationalism, serving as an inspiration to countless individuals. His memory and contribution remain a vital part of India's history, and his legacy continues to be celebrated as a symbol of courage, sacrifice, and the relentless pursuit of liberty.

He is survived by his spouse, Sharda Devi Chhetri, and his memory lives on through his mother, Parwati Devi, who undoubtedly took pride in her son's profound impact on India's journey to independence.

Major Durga Malla's Statue in Darjeeling
Major Durga Malla's Statue in Darjeeling

Major Durga Malla's Role in India's Fight for Independence

In 1942, Major Durga Malla became a part of INA. His abilities and dedication led him to become a Major, and he was assigned to work in INA intelligence. As he gathered information about the opposing forces, he was captured at Kohima on 27 March 1944. A Court of Trial at Red Fort, New Delhi, sentenced him to death.

However, before the execution of the death sentence, the authorities tried to force him into admitting to sedition. They even brought his wife to his prison cell, but Major Durga Malla didn't yield to the pressure.

Major Durga Malla's Final Message to Wife Sharda Malla

"The sacrifice I am offering shall not go in vain. India will be free. I am confident. This is only a matter of time, Sharda! Don’t worry, crores of Hindustanis are with you,"

Exploring the Life of Major Durga Malla: A Personal Journey

In 1941, Major Durga Malla got married to Sharda Malla from Shyam Nagar, Dharamshala in Himachal Pradesh. Just three days after their wedding, he was called back to his main post and told to go abroad. He saw his wife again right before he was executed at Delhi District Jail in 1944.

Honouring a Hero: The Major Durga Malla Commemorative Stamp

Major Durga Malla Commemorative Stamp
Major Durga Malla Commemorative Stamp

On January 23, 2023, India Post released a special stamp to honor Major Durga Malla, an Indian soldier who served in the INA and is deeply esteemed by the Indian Gorkha community for his unwavering commitment to the nation's freedom. Each year on August 25, the day of Major Malla's execution, Gorkhas all across India remember and observe it as Balidan Diwas.

The commemorative stamp is adorned with a saffron theme and features a portrait of Major Durga Malla. Adjacent to the portrait is a depiction of the monument unveiled in 2004 by the then-Prime Minister Manmohan Singh within the Parliament complex.


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