Har Ghar Tiranga

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Har Ghar Tiranga: Uniting Every Home with the Tricolor Spirit

Har Ghar Tiranga

Har Ghar Tiranga

In a country as diverse and vibrant as India, the national flag, also known as the Tricolor, holds a special place in every citizen's heart. 

It symbolizes unity, diversity, and the indomitable spirit of our nation. To further strengthen this bond and evoke a sense of patriotism, the Har Ghar Tiranga Abhiyan was launched. 

This movement aims to reach every household and instill a sense of national pride by encouraging the display of the Indian flag. 

In this article, we'll explore the objectives and significance of the Har Ghar Tiranga initiative, and how you can obtain the Har Ghar Tiranga certificate.

Understanding the Har Ghar Tiranga Abhiyan

The Har Ghar Tiranga Abhiyan is a noble initiative that seeks to achieve a remarkable goal: to ensure that the Indian Tricolor graces every home across the nation.

 It envisions a united India where every citizen proudly displays the flag, demonstrating their love and respect for the country. 

The initiative serves as a reminder of our shared heritage, values, and the sacrifices of countless individuals who contributed to our freedom struggle.

Objectives of the Har Ghar Tiranga Abhiyan

The primary objectives of the Har Ghar Tiranga Abhiyan are as follows:

Foster Patriotism: 

The initiative aims to ignite a sense of patriotism and national pride among citizens, irrespective of their backgrounds or differences.

Promote Unity:

 By encouraging every household to display the national flag, the initiative promotes a feeling of unity and solidarity among the diverse population of India.

Honoring the Flag:

 The initiative aims to honor the Indian Tricolor and create awareness about its significance and history.

Celebrate National Occasions: 

The Har Ghar Tiranga Abhiyan encourages citizens to hoist the flag on significant national events like Independence Day, Republic Day, and other important days in Indian history.

Community Participation: 

The initiative encourages community involvement and participation in various flag-related activities, fostering a sense of belonging and camaraderie.

Obtaining the Har Ghar Tiranga Certificate

To recognize and appreciate the efforts of individuals and families participating in the Har Ghar Tiranga Abhiyan, the initiative offers the Har Ghar Tiranga certificate

This certificate serves as a testament to your commitment to the cause of patriotism and unity. 

Here's how you can obtain your Har Ghar Tiranga certificate:

Visit the Official Website: To begin, visit the official Har Ghar Tiranga Abhiyan website.

Register and Pledge: 

Create an account on the website and take the pledge to participate in the initiative. This pledge is a promise to hoist the flag in your home and uphold the values it represents.

Display the Flag: 

Display the Indian Tricolor at a prominent location in your home on designated national occasions.

Upload a Photo: 

Capture a photograph of your home adorned with the flag on a national occasion.

Download the Certificate:

 Log in to your account and upload the photograph. Once verified, you can download your Har Ghar Tiranga certificate in PDF format from the official website.


The Har Ghar Tiranga Abhiyan is a commendable initiative that aims to strengthen the bond between citizens and their nation through the display of the Indian flag. By participating in this movement, each of us contributes to the unity, diversity, and shared pride that define India. 

Obtaining the Har Ghar Tiranga certificate is not just a recognition of your commitment; it's a step towards a more united and patriotic India. So, let's hoist our Tricolor high and be a part of this inspiring campaign, proudly proclaiming "Har Ghar Tiranga."


How to Buy Indian Flags for Har Ghar Tiranga

 You can buy Indian flags from various sources, both online and offline. Here's how you can go about it:

1. Online Shopping Platforms:

Websites like Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, and other e-commerce platforms often offer Indian flags for sale.
Visit their websites, search for "Indian flag," and browse through the options available.
Read product descriptions, reviews, and ratings before making a purchase.

2. Stationery or Flag Shops:

Many local stationery shops or shops that specialize in flags and banners may carry Indian flags.
Visit these shops in person and inquire about the availability of the Indian flag.

3. Government Institutions:

Government offices, such as district collectorates, may distribute Indian flags during national holidays like Independence Day or Republic Day.
Check with local government offices if they have any flag distribution programs.

4. Patriotic Events or Celebrations:

During patriotic events, cultural festivals, or national holidays, you might find stalls selling Indian flags.
Attend events in your locality and inquire if they are selling flags.

5. Online Flag Stores:

Some online stores specialize in selling flags of different countries, including India.
Search for "buy Indian flag online" to find dedicated flag-selling websites.

6. NGO or Social Organizations:

Sometimes, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) or social organizations might distribute or sell Indian flags for a cause.
Keep an eye out for such initiatives in your community.

Important things to consider while purchasing flags for Har Ghar Tiranga:

  • Ensure that the flag you buy adheres to the proper specifications laid out by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS).
  • The flag should have the correct dimensions, colors, and design as per the Indian Flag Code.
  • Respect the flag and its usage as a national symbol. Handle it with dignity and avoid any form of disrespect.
  • Before making a purchase, do some research to ensure you are buying from a reputable source and that the flag you're getting is of good quality and respectful of the flag's symbolism.

Visit Your Nearest Post Office to Purchase Indian Flag for Har Ghar Tiranga:

Visit your nearest local post office and inquire about the availability of flags for the "Har Ghar Tiranga" initiative. The staff at the post office should be able to provide you with information on how to obtain the flag.

Important Links for "Har Ghar Tiranga"

Salient Features of Flag Code of India, 2002 for Har Ghar Tiranga

"The Indian National Flag represents the dreams and desires of the people of India. It's a symbol of our pride, and everyone holds deep affection, respect, and loyalty towards it. It holds a special place in the hearts and minds of the people.

The rules for using and displaying the Indian National Flag are set by the Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971 and the Flag Code of India, 2002. Here are some important points from the Flag Code of India, 2002, that you should know:

  • The Flag Code of India, 2002 was updated on December 30, 2021, allowing the use of National Flags made from polyester or by machine. The Flag can be made from hand-spun, hand-woven, or machine-made materials like cotton, polyester, wool, or silk khadi bunting.
  •  Any individual, organization, or school can hoist or display the National Flag on all occasions, formal or informal, as long as it's done with respect.
  • An update on July 19, 2022, changed a part of the Flag Code. When the Flag is displayed openly or on a person's house, it can be flown day and night.
  • The National Flag must be rectangular, and its size can vary, but the length to height ratio must be 3:2.
  • Whenever the National Flag is displayed, it should be in a place of honor and should be clearly visible.
  • Damaged or messy Flags should not be displayed.
  • The National Flag shouldn't be flown on the same mast with other flags at the same time.
  • Except for dignitaries mentioned in Section IX of Part III of the Flag Code, like the President, Vice-President, Prime Minister, Governors, the Flag should not be flown on vehicles.
  • No other flag should be placed higher, above, or next to the National Flag.
  • Please visit the Ministry of Home Affairs' website, www.mha.gov.in, for more details about the Prevention of Insults to National Honour Act, 1971 and the Flag Code of India, 2002."

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