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Kalimpong Eco Tourism
Bidhang dong of Kalimpong is approximately three and half hours drive form New Jalpaiguri Railway station you don’t need to worry about transportation as its available easily from Siliguri via Chitray . Its an experience of a life time as you will drive an outstanding adventure with lots turns uphill through the peaceful jungle roads that you will experience the something worth remembering.

There are presently 12 cottages in the place and all the cottages are full almost all the time. This place receives many returning visitor due to its unique location. To make people aware of that fact that there is always a tourists season in Darjeeling the valley organised rain Rush festival where people gathered from around different places along with home stay owners and travel agencies .The main objective of this festival was to attract tourists during off seasons as well.

Once you reach Kalimpong the cab will drive you down to the Doon valley Bidhyang through the Reli River . There are twelve cottages from where you can choose.If you already booked one of them than you will be received by the respective staff of the cottage. The cottages or resorts are located on the banks of the river Reli river and gives you the best view mountain tops , green surroundings. The resort is bordered with mountains and lush greenery on all sides and has a waterfall just about 5 minutes where you can enjoy a bath!!! If you are lucky enough to witness the rainfall, the clouds coming down from the over the mountain will give you a surprise and the darker light with the sounds of river calls of crickets will make your journey worthy.
dong bidhang kalimpong
The temperature is pleasant .In the month of May days are pleasant and comfortable and nights are cool and beautiful, you are suggested to keep wind cheater or a shawl if you feel cold . Rainfall further reduces the temperature but to a comfortable level. In winter months, it is quite cold. You will be served simply but fresh and tasty foods by the staffs of the cottage and the people from the hills are really polite and amicable nature . the good thing about them is that they are always cheerful and helpful. One should learn from them how to greet the guests and how to be happy and cheerful always . The cottages have both double bedded and four bedded clean and warm rooms along with veranda which has few chairs and tables from where visitors can experience magnificent view .

The restaurant is just 2 minutes walk from the room but the walk is even enjoyable in the cool and peaceful environment. Apart from Dong you can also visit several other places ,Delo, Lava Rishyap, Durpin etc if you manage time and budget, however its not too costly to visit these places are nearby and can be covered in a day trip. The hanging bridge joining the two ends of the Reli river is also outstanding. Finally there are lots of things which can never be covered in this posts and I personally recommend you have a look at these places and experience the joy of ecotourism of Bidhang

Doong Valley of Bidhang is becoming a new destination for the visitors who are coming to visit Kalimpong . Dung valley is 16 kilometer away from Kalimpong , the beautiful sharp, pleasant-pitched sounds of different types of birds and the greenery of the place gives the visitors amicable feelings and makes them fall in love with the place. Due to its peaceful location away from the noise streets of the town the place is loved by the visitors.

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