Fambonglho Wildlife Sanctuary Sikkim

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Fambonglho Wildlife Sanctuary Sikkim
Sikkim the second smallest state of India with an area of 7,096 sq. km. and with the least population among all the states of India. Located between the two Himalayan countries of Nepal in the west and the Kingdom of Bhutan in the East, Sikkim is one of the star point for the of the Indo-Malayan type species with most of them endemic to the Eastern Himalayas where we see a beautiful wildlife Sanctuary Fambonglho Wildlife Sanctuary which is situated on the hills opposite to Gangtok. (Capital of Sikkim)The highest point of this sanctuary is Tinjurey, its one of the best place for Birdwatching.The Bird life of Sikkim is estimated to be of 550 species with most of the species 
resembling the Kingdom of Bhutan. Thus if one want to come for a Bird-watching Holiday with reasonable expenses and interest in the Eastern Himalayan species combined with the lovely view of the world’s third highest mountain then Sikkim along with the forests of Darjeeling
 Hills offers you the best choice with many good  important Birding areas and a minimum of 200 Species in a span of one tour. The Log hut accommodation within the sanctuary makes bird watching more worthwhile compared to other places. The temperate forests of Oak, Chestnut, and Bamboo with small shrubs of ferns are an ideal habitat for Babblers and Wren Babblers.

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