Biography of Siddhi Charan Shrestha

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Biography of Siddhi Charan Shrestha
Biography of Siddhi Charan Shrestha
Siddhi Charan Shrestha [1912-92],the son of prosperous newar land owner was another member of the generation of poet that laid the foundations of the twentieth century Nepali verse. He was considered as the 'Yuga Kabi' .His poetry has much In common with Devkota's though its mworded and calmer in tone.Like Devvkota's ,Shrestha was a romantic who rebelled against the shortcomings of the Rana Rigime.His most famous poems ,'Mero Pyaro Okhaldhunga' looks back nostalgically at thesimplicityof the poets life as a child in the eastern Nepal and therefore compares the presentunfavorablywith the past and the city with the village. The poem was regarded as a political statement but it could equally be argued that it means no mere than it says. Many of Shrestha's poems,specially those written during the 1940's were clearly meant to make the poitical points,but he was at his best while

writing sensitive personal poems such as 'Mero Choro(1948)' a non metrical but carefully structured composition on the innocence of a child.

'Visva Byhtha (1940)' is less accessible composition but is a valuable introduction to the elaborate and deeply subjective manner of Shrestha's expression of social concern.'Bhuichala', which he wrote after the terrible earthquake of 1936. But because of his revolutionary thoughts expressed vividly in his work, he was sentenced for 18 years in prison.

A verse from the poem ' Mero Pyaro Okhaldhinga'

भाग्य लहरमा लहरी लहरी
पुगें म यस मरूस्थलमा कसरी
तर खेद छैन तिम्रो आकृति
लेखिएको छ यो हृदयभरि !
मेरो प्यारो ओखलढुंगा!
His work:

Works in Nepali:
Mero Pratibimba (My Image),
Ashu (Tears),
Kopila (The Bud),
Biswa Betha (In Painful Memory of Son),
Mangal Man,
Kuhiro Ra Gham (The Mist and the Sun),
Banchiraheko Awaz,
Jyanmara Shail (Murderer Shail),
Bhimsen Thapa,
Yudha Ra Shanti (War and Peace),
Aatma Bilauna,
Siddhi Charan Ka Pratinidhi Kabita,
and Siddhi Charan Ka Jail Samjhana.

Works in Newari:

Nari Hridaya,
Siddhi Charanya Nibanda Sangraha,

Unpublished works:
Siddhi Charanka Angreji Kabita Sangraha,
Siddhi Charanka Yatra Smaran.

Praval Gorkha Dakshin Bahu,
Vikhyat Trishakti Patta,
Tribhuwan Puraskar,
Prithivi Pragya Puraskar,
and awards by the Royal Nepal Academy.

Yuga Kabi Siddhi Charan Highway (Katari, Okhaldhunga);
Postal Stamp (Hulak Ticket Prakashan);
Siddhi Charan Rastriya Pratibha Puraskar;
Yuga Kabi Siddhi Charan Higher Secondary School, Gamnatar/Okhaldhunga;
Yuga Kabi Siddhi Charan Prathamic Bidhyalaya, Jaleshwor/Janakpur Anchal;
Siddhi Charan Avinandan Samiti, 1987;
Yuga Kabi Siddhi Charan Puraskar;
Yuga Kabi Siddhi Charan Prathistan;
Siddhi Charan Smriti Guthi;
Yuga Kabi Siddhi Charan Sanghralaya;
Yuga Kabi Siddhi Charan Pustakalaya;
Yuga Kabi Siddhi Charan Pratima Sthapana, Okhaldhunga;
Yuga Kabi Siddhi Charan Pratima; and Siddhi Charan Chowk, Om Bahal, Kathmandu. Personal belongings of the late poet are displayed at Nepal Sikchaya Parikchyat building in Naya Bazaar.

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