Biography of Bhupi Serchan

Its safe to say that along with Gopal Prashad Rimal ,Bhupi Serchan (1936-1939) is one of the greatest on mere recent Nepali Poetry.Like Rimal's,his poems have a marked effect on the language and philosophical attitude of most of the Nepali verse published after 1970 .Although he was the son of a wealthy Thakali from Tukucha vilage to the north of Pokhara, Serchan quickly turned to communism . Most of the poems of Serchan has political influence. In 1969 a collection of 42 poems named 'Ghumne Mech Mathi Andho Manchhe  ' which became the most influential collection of Nepali verse since since Devkpta's 'Muna Madan' and Rimal's 'AmakoSapana' . After the experimental period, by the work of 'Tesro Aayam (Third Dimension). movement and the poems of Mohan Koirala, the Nepali Language ,in one critics words was 'rested to its pristine glory' in Serchan's poetry .(Khanal 1977:268)- Serchan's poems are sadonic 

,angry  satrical and whimsical by turns and are greatly loved .In matters of language he is ultimately utilitarian , employing well- established English loans sparingly bu without compunction when necessary.
Prat : Ek Agyat is a near reflection on the ageing process , which is compared to the diary squeezing out of the toothpaste from a tube. the loam- word  toothpaste is the final line used in joke.but also demonstrate that Serchan's poems were addressed primarily to an urban readership. he poem 'Yo hallai hallako desh ho' (1967) is a long cry of patriotic age against the corruption and lack of intellect , Serchan considered his country's most crippling weakness .Again the use of English such as 'earphone' 'truck', 'plasters' and so on is partly utilitarian -Nepali does not passes equivalents for these words and poetry.


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