Paragliding at Darjeeling

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Images of Paragliding Darjeeling
Darjeeling has been the most beautiful tourist destination among several other hill stations,A new and beautiful  aero sports "Paragliding" introduced by a private company Offroad Darjeeling from 7th of October this year has reinforced its beauties   providing the visitors to perceive  the Queen of the hills 'Darjeeling' from soaring  height in the cool air .One could not had imagined to see Darjeeling so closely from heights but it has
 been possible through Paragliding at Darjeeling . Paragliding at Darjeeling has been a completely new change in the tourism of Darjeeling which is loved by the  tourists and   local people as well.The paragliding starts from the St. Paul School and ends at Lebong ground taking visitors above Darjeeling from where one can locate Darjeeling ,glistening mountain Kanchenjunga and Mt. Everest.The visitors have to pay Rs. 3000 /- and local residents have to pay Rs.2500/- for a single ride.A single rides is of around 10 to 15 minutes if the climatic condition is favorable.Tickets for paragliding are  available at all the tour operator which are being operated around Darjeeling.

Paragliding a Darjeeling and India
Fig: A beautiful view of Kanchenjunga through Paragliding.

Paragliding is one of the captivating aero sport  loved by the people all over the world.The Major Paragliding Destinations in India are Himachal Pradesh, Uttaranchal, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Gangtok and Jammu & Kashmir finally Darjeeling is added to the list.As more than 350 lakhs of tourists visits Darjeeling every year,it will be a very refreshing  way for them to perceive Darjeeling from the top ,hopefully it will enhance the tourism of Darjeeling and will give a dynamic shape to the tourism of Darjeeling ass well.

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For further details and assistance about Paragliding visit : Off Road Darjeeling

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  1. This is really new beautiful thing at Darjeeling

  2. beautiful view of Kanchenjunga..nice

  3. I love Paragliding.. its my favourite.. i always wanted to do that but ahan ahan, em a bit afraid of it too.. :).. anyway i'll try it atleast for once in my life...

  4. @illusionist:Darjeeling heartily welcomes you for that..

  5. @Darjeeling Info:sorry for the inconvenience ,it may be having some problem..if you need any help you can Contact Us

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