Darjeeling to its normal way again

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Darjeeling again back to its normal life spreading the message of love and peace.Continuous rain has stopped life has come to normal as usual.It was the Natures decision whatever it faced on 18th September 2011 an unfortunate day in our life.Nature is everything a man can not change the way its.Darjeeling is a loveliest place among different hill stations just because of Nature.It was a warning to the people of Darjeeling and its surrounding areas.It was notified to the People of the hills  not to construct multi storied buildings in Darjeeling but it was not followed by us,everyone kept on large construction

 just to fulfill their material needs being aware that these needs are not precious than life.Now we should avoid such mistakes.God graced us with another life . The holy chanting around the area saved us and gave us another chance to effectively analyze the fact of  Darjeeling.lets put our hands together and be aware and keep our Darjeeling safe and beautiful...
Lets help our land to maintain its integrity ..Darjeeling the queen of the hills....


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