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"Sarangi" is a four string Nepali traditional instrument specially made of a tree locally named Khaamari,Its lower portion has a small box covered with animals skin for vibration,Sarangi has a bow similar to Violin for playing.This instrument is the backbone of Nepali Folk Music.Its been said that the instrument is designed similar to the shape of horse.In olden days it has served as the way for spreading messages about Culture,Tradition,Religion and Historical facts,most of the folk song sang with with Sarangi depicts some historical facts and facts related to real life.The instrument were played during festivals like Dushara Dipawali etc. but nowadays Sarangi are played in recording studios and few cultural program only.

There are also number of folks song and some commercial songs based on this instrument in Nepali  Musics  holding place in several hearts. Sarangi still have its importance in our culture and tradition People still love to listen  the sweet melody of the  instrument "SARANGI".

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  1. Hi Sandeep,

    This is Sandeep too! :)

    Will you be able to help me find classical trained violin teacher in Kalimpong?
    I'm from Delhi, I would come there if I got good teacher.

    1. I am sorry for the inconvenience my friend but i don't have much more idea regarding this.if I came to know any relevant information I will let you know..just keep on visiting thanks...


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