Happy Independence Day

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Happy Independent Day

In a land where dreams take flight,
Under skies of azure, pure and bright,
A nation's heart beats strong and free,
On this auspicious Independence Day.

From struggle's forge, a nation born,
Through trials and tears, its spirit worn,
Yet through the darkness, a light did gleam,
Guiding India to its cherished dream.

Oh, the 15th of August, a day so grand,
When destiny clasped this ancient land,
Shackles shattered, chains unbound,
A symphony of freedom's sound.

From Himalayan peaks to oceans wide,
Unity and diversity side by side,
A tapestry woven, colors ablaze,
In every heart, the tricolor sways.

A tribute to the heroes who fought the fight,
Their courage and sacrifice, a beacon of light,
Gandhi's nonviolence, Nehru's vision so bright,
Sardar's unity, they set things right.

In the bazaars and fields, on streets and marts,
In every corner, beating hearts,
A resounding chorus rises high,
India's spirit can never die.

So let us gather, young and old,
The story of India's struggle be told,
With hope in our eyes and love in our soul,
In unity and progress, we shall enroll.

On this Independence Day, let us vow,
To uphold the ideals, to honor the how,
A nation united, diverse and free,
In this symphony of liberty.

As the tricolor unfurls on the breeze,
Amongst the rustling leaves of trees,
A nation's heart swells with pride anew,
Happy Independence Day, India, to you!

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