Dharnidhar Sharma Koirala and his contribution in Nepali Literature

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Dharnidhar Sharma Koirala and his contribution in Nepali Literature

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Biography of Dharanidhar Sharma Koirala

Dharanidhar Koirala often called as Dharanidhar Sharma Koirala was born in 1893 in a place that is now part of Sindhuli District.a part of the Bagmati Province, is one of the seventy-seven districts of Nepal, Dharanidhar Koirala came from a Hindu Brahmin family.


 He learned Sanskrit and English in Banaras, which was in British India. While he was in Banaras, he saw Indian people proudly  using their own language. This made him start thinking about Nepal and the Nepali language.

In 1918, he had to leave Nepal and go to India. There, along with Surya Bikram Gyawali and Parasmani Pradhan, they were known  as "SuDhaPa." 

In 1924, Koirala and his friends, like Surya Bikram Gyawali and Parasmani Pradhan, started an organization called Nepali Sahitya Sammelan in Darjeeling, which was in British India. People thought this was a big moment in Nepali literature.

Koirala helped Sir Ralph Lilley Turner, who wrote a special book about the Nepali language in 1931. Koirala wrote poems  about making society better. In 1978, Tribhuvan University gave Koirala a special degree called Doctor of Letters.

Awards and recognition :

 Dharnidhar Sharma Koirala   awarded the title of  Tribhuvan Pragya Award for his contributions to Nepali literature by Nepal Academy.

Dharnidhar Sharma Koirala passed away in 1980. in 1994, the Government of Nepal made postage stamps with his picture on them to mark his remarkable contribution in Nepali literature.

Works of Dharnidhar Sharma Koirala

There are so many literary works of Dharnidhar Sharma Koirala among which Naibedya (1920) and Jaga Jaga are considered most remarkable.

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