Pastor Ganga Prashad Pradhan a Short Introduction

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Pastor Gangaram Pradhan a Short Introduction

Short Introduction Pastor Ganga Prashad Pradhan

Padri (Pastor) Gangaprasad Pradhan was born in Thamel Tol of Kathmandu on 4th July 1851. His mother died when he was still young. His father and brother were educated but he did not get the opportunity to study.

After some time his brother got a job in Ging Tea Garden, Darjeeling and he also called by his brother along with his  father to Darjeeling. Thus, at the age of 10, he came to Darjeeling.


At that time a missionary named William McFarlane opened a school there. He did his studies from the same school and later he also worked as a teacher in the same school.

 From that time he started studying the Holy Bible with interest. Having faith in the Lord Jesus, he started serving in the church regularly and started composing and singing hymns.

Then 24 January 1875-Marev. He was baptized in Calcutta by Wingcoop. After he returned to Darjeeling again, he started preaching the sermons of Lord Jesus in villages and towns and markets.

 At the same time Macfarlane commissioned him to translate the Bible into Nepali. He spent almost 4 years translating the Bible written in English into Nepali. This was the first Bible written in Nepali language.

Apart from the Bible, he published the first newspaper named Gorkhe Paper. He had a lot of influence on the Nepali language. Later he also opened his own printing house. By that means he started spreading Christianity in Darjeeling and Kharsang.

He was the first priest in Nepali world. He also prepared the first Nepali English dictionary.

He died on 28 March 1932 in Darjeeling. | No one can ever forget the virtues he imposed on Christianity and Nepali literature.


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