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woolen hats for winter
woolen hats for winter

Brief Notes on Darjeeling Woolen Product Manufacturing Cluster
Due to cold climatic condition of Darjeeling Hill Woolen Garments is a propriety requirement of people of all classes. Hence in the beginning the hand knitted woolen garments manufacturing was mostly famous from British era. It has become major earning source for house wives on Darjeeling town. Who manufacture woolen garments by hand knitting and later on using semi automatics machines. Their main market is Darjeeling town mostly on the side of Chowrasta mall and regular knitter have order supply basis business with garment shop. But all these enterprises are Micro households unit located in and around the village of Darjeeling Town. They develop pattern and design on their own capacity.

Mostly the knitter is from the semi educated family. They work in unorganized way lack of proper marketing knowledge, low materials i.e; assorted wool from local trader cased many hurdle in rapid improvement of their works in term of quality and quantity as well. However Darjeeling being a Tourist destination people visits this hill station from all over the country and abroad and love to buy Darjeeling woolen products. Hence we felt the growth of such products could be possible through organised way under Cluster development projects with modernization of production method, up gradation of the technology and organised marketing way.

Ministry of MSME have approved the proposal submitted by D.I.C Darjeeling and sanction was given for soft intervention activities. Under the same activity D.I.C. Darjeeling has organised demonstration on the latest knitting machine and its operational skills. A study Tour to Kolkata and material and using of latest Technology in knitting and market ting as well as business linkage where sweater and shawl but it has broad view of garment like jackets , track suits, fashionable coats , T-shirts of various types of wool's which have actually dominated the present market D.I.C have suggested that group for holding regular meeting for building trust  among the knitters / artisan members for SPV formation and making them ready for taking up of common facility Center in coming days.

Woolen kids hat home made darjeeling
Woolen kids hat home

Ludhiana made sweeter and cardigan and baby suit out at Bazar, hampers the local products sue to its quality finishing and latest design even they are double the cost at Darjeeling, We inquired the matter that if the raw material is available through Govt. raw materials Bank / Co operative societies at a low cost and manufacture in a modern machine, the garments can be sold out in the cheapest price that of presently procured form Ludhiana Products. Even exportable item can be manufactured without any infrastructure development the local knitter are producing good patterns sweeter, baby suits, and mufflers Socks, caps etc

homemade woolen hats
woolen hats

If their capacity is improved with modern technology support through cluster development projects will add another dimension to their work and will be profitable in the long run. Other woolen products also can be produced such as carpets for households use and luxury car, hand bags etc. hence after careful study and marketing analysis along with the people investment , we propose to set up cluster base manufacturing unit which will be administered and run by the local women entrepreneurs

Woolen products Darjeeling

Main Product of the cluster The production is focused on local population and tourists. The products, known by the generic name `Woollen Knitwear` consists of 1.Sweaters
2)Baby suits
4)Jumpers (Sweaters with hoods)Shawls
6) Mufflers
5.Cushion & Almirah covers
7) Jama

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