The demand of Gorkhaland

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The demand of Gorkhaland
By : Pankaj Sharma

The demand of Gorkhaland has always been neglected by the Central Govt of India & West Bengal has always crushed it.The voice of the Indian Gorkhas who have long been exploited under the Bengal
domination ,has never been considered genuine, instead they are branded as 'foreigners' , 'immigrants' by noted politicians of West Bengal.A false impression is always created by few civilians of West Bengal stating that the demand of Gorkhaland possesses an Anti-National threats which is being published in various blogs & newspapers.The demand falls  prey into the hands of cruel administrative pressurization by Bengal.. The injustice done to the Indian Gorkhas have never been highlighted & medias too have acted in a ''partiality-like'' manner. What is wrong with Indian Gorkhas demanding a separate state? The demand isin't for the recognition of Gorkha ethnicity alone, Gorkhaland is to solve the identity crisis & most importantly -to free the Darjeeling-Dooars regions from the harsh domination of Bengal. Darjeeling has suffered a great decline underthe Bengal rule.The Gorkhaland issue isn't solely a political issue,neither a law & order problem..Has India no place to understand the people's aspiration & sentiments ?Why is every issue over-ruled by political domination? Is this democracy? Top leaders of West  Bengal call their fellow citizens - the Indian Gorkhas , as foreigners.See, how well they prove their Indian citizenship,they don't seem to care about their Fundamental Duties & don't even know about how Citizenship is granted by the Indian Constitution and expertize themselves in dubbing their Indian brothers as 'foreigners'..

"The wearer knows where the shoe pinches" : People staying historically , geographically,culturally and ethnically far off from Darjeeling-Dooars region arequite well prepared in opposing the  demand of Gorkhaland with 'non-constructive' criticizms. Some of these 'opposers' are too weak in history to accept the fact that these regions were never a part of Bengal while some have acquired 'an extra brush-up' degree in History to say that the land belonged to Nepal, so the people residing there are 'Nepalese'.. History makes it clear that these regions  (Darjeeling-Terai-Do­oars) were a part of Sikkim and Bhutan. Nepal annexed a part of it which was later ceded to British India.So it must be clear that NOT THE PEOPLE but THE OWNERSHIP of the land migrated from Sikkim to Nepal to British India & finally to the republic of India.Thus , the residents of these regions are the sons of the land which belongs to the Indian Union. So how can the people of these regions be outsiders ??It is always true that 'Birds born featherless call flying an illness'.To call Gorkhaland demand a Telengana-ignited issue or the result of developmental backwardness issue would be a serious 'lack of knowledge & information' with 'oversmartness' disease.. 

Creation of Gorkhaland isn't the division,rather it is the separation of Darjeeling-Dooars from Bengal and the 'separation' exists already when the Geography, ethnicity, Culture , tradition etc of Bengal and Darjeeling-
Dooars are considered.Gorkhaland has always been misunderstood by those who never wish to understand.Dated the 23rd August 2013, reports say that around 721 Gorkhaland supporters have been arrested on account of their old pending cases within 19 days.With an exception of few arson acts during the first week of 2013's Gorkhaland agitation,no such reports have been made  regarding the movement being violent.But still CRPF & other forces have been deployed in the Hills Terai and Dooars region which has created a sense of terror among the people.Their non-violent &  genuine demand has been pulled back by this 'terror'.But how long will Bengal hide the tears of Darjeeling behind its velvet cloak??How long will they mask the 'real truth'?Is there a sense of justice or even a lil bit of it? It seems to me that Humanity has long been sold in political affairs.

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