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Written by : Mohammad Hasibullah

It's time to arise from the  slumbers
It's time to agitate , a revolution thunders
Break free from the chains of "can't"
Arise Arise Arise ! For what we want.

It’s time to set aside the past and our superstition
Arise Arise Arise! It's time to change the tradition
Every father, mother, sister , son , Arise
Arise with a brave heart for the prize

It's time to put up a determined face
For our people, our ethics, culture & our race.
Arise , arise from the hills , tea gardens , from the valleys
Arise , Agitate , in larger rallies.

Enough!  Enough of the negative reaction
It's time for the real act, United action.
Arise Arise Arise! The destination isn't far
Arise Arise Arise, It's time to show who we are.

The tides maynot be on our side
Arise ! It's time to protect our pride
Our ancestors blood spills, sacrifices , is our debt
Arise , arise to protect our history from the identity threat.

No more talks , no more pleading ,It's time to deliver
Let's roar together ,and make the chains of tyranny shiver
No more compensations , no more baits ,It's time to revolt
Let's unite and strike like the furious thunder bolt.

Arise Arise Arise ! For our righteous demand
Arise Arise Arise!  For GORKHALAND


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