'Khukuri' The symbol of bravery

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The Khukuri (खुकुरी) is a traditional cutting tool and a Weapon of Nepalese people.The weapons is used by all the Nepali Armies in Nepal,India and serving  in different armies around the world.The Khukuri is originated from Nepal and presented as the icon of Nepal.It has its significant importance in the battlefields around the world used by he Gorkha regiments in Indian Army ,Nepal Army and other  armies. Khukuri symbolizes the bravery  of the Gorkha regiments all over the world and occupies a special position in the history of war like
battle of 'Nalapani '1814  where the Khukuri was used  by the Bir Balbhadra a Gorkha commandant as a major weapon. 

Who are the Masters of making Khukuri:

Biswakarmas  are the masters of Khukuri ,Biswakarmas (Blacksmiths) is a community from Nepali and Darjeeling,India whose profession were to manufacture different cutting tools and are the mastermind behind the art  of Khukuri and are the experts in giving beautiful shape to iron.They are the actual Khukuri makers the 'Khukris' that has created a history in the battlefields.Still Khukuri  are used by the Armies and has same importance and fame.The world still know the significance  of Khukuri.

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