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हाँसेर हँसाउनेहरु भन्दा
रोएर हँसाउनेहरु पनि छन यहाँ
बाँचेर बचाउनेहरु भन्दा
मरेर बचाउनेहरु पनि धेरै छन यहाँ

जीतेर लक्ष्य चिनाउनेहरु भन्दा
हारेर बाटो देखाउनेह्ररु पनि छन यहाँ

                                                तर यहाँ यस्तै विड्म्बना छ
                                                यहाँ त्यहाँ जहाँ तहाँ यस्तै रिती छ
                                                सायद यस्तै छ यहाँ
                                                मूल्यांकन को Software load नभएका
                                                मानव computer हरु ।

Poem Submitted Puran Gurung
Middle Samalbong
Email : Puranforu@yahoo.co.in
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  1. Puran good one.."मूल्यांकन" धेरै राम्रो छ
    once again thank you for your submission..
    We will make a good collection of poems from this submissions..keep writing..

  2. Hi - Anyone knows any good Nepali poet from Darjeeling? I need one to evaluate some Nepali poems for a competition. If you know one please send a short paragraph about the poet and his email address. I would appreciate it. lmn.santosh at the rate gmail.com

  3. Thanks Sandeep! That would be a great favor if you could find an email of one of the renowned Nepali poet in Darjeeling.

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