Traditional ways of saving maize for future use

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Maize (मकै) : Maize is one of the major cultivation carried out in few areas of Darjeeling.Its believed that maize helps to keep body warm so people eat maize during winter season mostly.Maize usually termed as corn in most of the English speaking countries.
       The figure shows how maize is kept for future use.These system of keeping maize is locally termed as 'Thangra' (थाङ्ग्रा ) in Nepali language.Its said that this method of keeping maize hanged in bamboos covered with typical type of grass locally called Siru prevents it from spoilage and remains safe from rats and rabbits.
{Siru is typical type of grass normally found around hill areas,these type of grass are used to make roofs of houses but are rarely seen nowadays }
There are several ways of keeping maize,the figure shows one of its kind of saving the maize for the future use.Its approximately at a height of 3-4 feet from the ground level.

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