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Introducing a hidden Place

Bijanbari , a small hidden place lies  in the east in the district of Darjeeling presently known as Gorkhaland Territorial Authority[GTA][West Bengal, India] ,altitude 760 m (2,490 ft) above the sea level,It’s a beautiful place where Chota Rangit flows through ,and surrounded by the beautiful Tea gardens, Bijanbari is the headquarters of the Darjeeling Pulbazar development block comprising of 23 Gram Panchayats which makes it the largest Block of West Bengal.Nepali is the primary language spoken by the people which is similar to Hindi.

        The agricultural products of the region are potatoes, cardamom, sweet smelling rice (Basmati), maize, millets, peas, beans, cauliflower, cabbages and tomatoes; fruit orchards produce pineapples and plums. While , squash and  oranges are one of the major source of the people residing on the outskirts of Bijanbari such as Kainjalia, Sumbuck, Jhepi, Thapagaon, Samalbong etc.

Fig:Cultivation of Rise[Sweet smelling Basmati rise]

This region is a tea producing area with over 55,000 workers approx, and a population of nearly 200,000 approx. There are people practising all religions –Buddhists, Hindu, Christian, Muslims etc. Bijanbari has several private schools and a Govt school upto the 12th standard. A degree college which was started in October 1995 with the support of `fair trade consumers` of tea in the West Bengal.

Fig:Tea Garden and a Tea Factory

Beautiful Places around Bijanbari,
can see a wonderful waterfall named as ‘Himafalls’ similarly few kilometre after you will pass through the world famous Tea gardens[marybong,rishihaat etc], from where you can have mesmerizing view of the area ,moving few kilometres downward you will get a place named Pulbazar, A few minutes walk from Pulbazaar brings you to the Sericulture farm the houses silk worms ,Bijanbari is nearly about 2 km from Pulbazar.
Moving upward from Bijanbari there are places named Kainjalia, Jhepi ,Sumbuck, Lodhoma,Rimbick etc,The Asia’s second largest Hydel Power Project is here at Lodhoma.
If you move towards a place called Kolbong 5 km from Kainjalia you can find a nice view of Daramdin(Sikkim),
The figure above is  a hill named Home Dara,lies on the Upper portion of Relling a place from Bijanbari
Home Dara

A view from Kainjalia[Hom Dara]

The figure is of Paddy field on the outskirts of Bijanbari,Locally known as khet[Nepali Langugage-खेत]
In this region the cultivation of paddy ie;Rice is done in the month of June-July and are harvested in the month of January,usually termed as Mangsir on local Language Nepali,
A view of Daramdin which is a part of Sikkim from Kolbong, Kolbong is a place  nearly about 7-8 Km from Kainjalia, the view is from School Dara.
Kolbong also have few beautiful places like Aaley ,a place of peace and happiness.
The image to the right is of orange tree, as orange is one of the major production of the people as the climate is favorable for its production,early the oranges are taken to the markets of Silliguri for sell.

A typical type of beautiful  flower locally named as "Pyaji Phool" found around the area,these flowers are like Daffodils which looks so beautiful,this type of flower are specially found in red and black soil. 
Sunakhari a type of flower found in the forest
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